Bob Gullette

Are there no local leaders or state politicians who have the backbone to stand up to our present 42-year-old, extremely liberal Gov. Andy Beshear? (I'm a fellow Democrat, I might add, although I've been one far longer than Andy has, being almost 30 years older, he being about the age of my daughter.)

And now, among other things, including increasing racial tensions, he wants to alter, hide and destroy our history and heritage. He doesn't seem to realize that you can't change history or simply "sweep it under the rug." You must preserve it, study it and learn from it.

And it must be remembered that it's quite unfair to judge people of the past by today's standards, beliefs and attitudes. Anyone who has studied history recognizes this basic principle. Different times, different thinking.

Also, back in the times of the Civil War, a person's loyalty was to their state, the place where they were born and grew up, where their family, friends and neighbors lived, worked and died. That's what determined which side they were going to support and fight for.

To a growing number of people, including Democrats, Andy is now being seen as a political tyrant and bully. His liberal political and social views certainly don't represent working-class Kentuckians across the state (he only won the governorship by a meager 5,000 votes in a conservative state) who are dealing with family stress and mounting debts and are anxiously waiting to get back to work, hoping their jobs will still exist.

I think all the attention, statewide and nationally, that Andy's received because of the COVID-19 crisis (not to mention the T-shirts with his picture and sayings on them) have gone to his head. The old Andy I supported at the beginning of the pandemic has unfortunately hopped a freight and left town for parts unknown some time ago.

He seems to see himself now as some kind of modern-day Abraham Lincoln, a social crusader rather than just a mere politician who has completely lost his focus on the real enemy at hand — the deadly coronavirus: controlling and defeating it, saving lives and putting people back to work.

Meanwhile, while Andy's playing social reformer and removing Confederate statues, thousands of Kentuckians with rising anger and resentment are still unemployed and struggling to pay their bills and support their families.

Bob Gullette is a Frankfort resident and retired state government employee. He can be emailed at

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