Sad. Elected representatives are using fear to sell their ideas. 

Would we really convert to a power grid that caused people to die, as U.S. Rep. Andy Barr proposed in “Green New Deal bad for Ky.” (Weekend, May 25-26)? Maybe. After all, we ignore how guns are used to kill more than 30,000 people per year in the U.S. Even toddlers shoot about one person per week, and we ignore that too.

My fear is for the children. For a while Kentucky may turn out to be one of the better places to live, but that is only relative. Fewer tornados than Oklahoma, fewer hurricanes than North Carolina, and no coastal flooding are positive benefits. But what about fewer insects to cross-pollinate crops? Less food? Higher prices? River flooding? Forest fires? All caused by climate change.

Look at a population growth curve. Search the internet and you can see that at the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, the population growth curve has turned nearly vertical and the demand for energy has done the same. Keep burning fossil fuels, as Barr proposes, and we will put carbon dioxide in the atmosphere even faster. Politicians say, “don’t worry,” but scientists are saying it might already be too late.

So, Barr, why are you and other Republicans not screaming about climate change? Money? So why are so few people screaming about it? I believe climate change does not seem real to most people. Climate change is not like confronting a grizzly bear face to face.

Climate change. The older generation won’t die from it, but they might read news about it or see it declared as “fake news” on social media. When your kids are older, they may see it like a grizzly bear somewhere down the street, lock their doors and probably be mostly OK. This will seem distant and possibly worrisome to your kids, but not terrifying. But your grandkids will have no place to hide as the bear crashes through their locked front door, with no way to stop it. 

If you happen to still be alive, how will you explain to your grandkids that you ignored the growing population of grizzly bears? How have you set aside your conscience? Is it worth gambling your grandkids’ future that all of the scientists are wrong? Maybe Barr will give you a few spare dollar bills to pass on to your grandkids. They can ball them up and throw them at the bear as it crashes through their door. I hope he has enough. By then money won’t help much with grizzly bears or climate change.

Now, imagine the fear your grandkids will have standing face to face with an angry grizzly bear with no escape! Ignoring climate change will be worse. Much worse.

Mark is a software developer and amateur photographer. He has called Frankfort home for over 10 years. He can be reached at

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