"Time it was" of holidays, elections, and old hope. "Time it is" of new school boards, mayors, governors, legislators, representatives, senators, political alliances and Congress. It is also time for new hope and change — an epiphany in this coming year to help guide us and our representatives through our phobias to new imperatives and mandates in our quests for social equality and human rights. The season of hope does not have to be boxed, forgotten, and lost in our game of "Someone has to lose for someone else to win." This year we will address many issues and problems, not the least of which is healthcare to those who deserve it the most — that is, to all, not just some. It can be done. But first, we need to rid ourselves of the idea that universal healthcare, single payer healthcare is un-American; part of a "leftist" plot to destroy capitalism ... a phobia we continue to feed and nurture. Healthcare should be a public and human service, not a privatized commodity.  

Glenn Ballard

Glenn Ballard

Recent Gallup Polls from Oct. 6 and Oct. 20, revealed that:

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