Often we blame the problems of governing on the leaders in the executive and legislative branches of government at the state and federal levels. Yes, the elected leaders are responsible for the policies and laws to protect our people and serve their best interests. But, unfortunately, the majority of the congressional leadership often does not respond to what the majority of the citizens want or what is morally right. 

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Edward Ball

According to numerous polls, most responders say the majority of voters take a firm position on specific issues and elected leaders do not act accordingly.  

Our citizens are the primary cause of the problems in our country when we continue to elect and support leaders that violate their responsibilities.

A commitment to ensuring that the issues are solved in the best interests of the citizenry. Thus we, the people, own the problems.

This has not always been the pattern. I can clearly remember when both political parties were more inclined to elect leaders committed to the people's agenda. When the majority vote, based upon moral principles, reigned.

The first year I was eligible to vote for president, I proudly voted for General Dwight Eisenhower. The General was a defender of Democracy and lived by high moral standards, and fully supported the democratic ideals of government. I believe he would have wanted all citizens to have the right to vote and vetoed any method of limiting it. In World War II, he fought for freedom and the principles of Democracy, respecting the sacrifices of many lives and valuable resources. Eisenhower would have faithfully worked to sustain and improve the system that gives life, liberty and justice for all.

I cannot believe how truth-loving and morally healthy adults would be against preserving and improving our Democratic way of governance. Or to be against the scientific evidence supporting immunization in our population to save thousands of lives. Why would responsible and freedom-loving citizens fail to elect leaders and support policies that will serve the common good for all of us?   

Words and values in society's best interests fall into a single category. The best is associated with the following terms: compassion, truth, equality, freedom, kindness, respect, and many other positive human traits. Qualities encourage people to reach their highest potential, enjoy life and promote the values that sustain and improve our Democracy. 

The words that are the most harmful and dehumanizing lean towards behaviors demonstrating degrees of hate, lies and misinformation, inequality, servitude, cruelty, disrespect.

To be the best we can be, every citizen must daily strive to live by personal standards and actions based on society's best interests. To do otherwise invites a movement by those who want a totalitarian system of government.

And those of us having positive moral compasses, demonstrating compassion and respect for others, will allow us to achieve unity of purpose and a way of life that is extraordinarily good and fair for all of us.

Therefore, it is truly up to the "we the people" majority, believing in the qualities that will create a spirit that promotes the best for life, liberty and pursuit of happiness and will preserve and improve our Democracy.

Consequently, we must commit ourselves as citizens to elect only persons with integrity and compassion, who support laws and policies in the best interests of a free people, and living and acting with moral and spiritual values to do what's right. 

Quickly, Americans wake up, now! Before it's too late! 

Edward E. Ball Jr., of Frankfort, is a retired Educator and Specialist in Leadership Development and an activist for strengthening the moral and spiritual values of our society. He can be emailed at eball40601@gmail.com

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