Phyllis Vincent

Phyllis Vincent

I read an article this week using the phrase “Valley of Decision” and it moved me to write. I, like you, have read and seen all of the protesting, violence and destruction and have wondered what has happened to us. 

Black, browns and whites went to school together in my lifetime and there weren’t any issues of getting along. If we did our homework and made good grades, we were welcomed into college or trade schools or the military — all colors of us.

At our reunions we talk, laugh and share our families, our work, our travels and there are no color issues. I grew up in a small town with both of my parents. We went to church, played team sports, participated in scouts — all colors with no issues.  

I truly do not believe that we have a color issue today. I believe the majority of us recognize that we were created in God’s image, all of us. If you know the founding of our country, you know we were founded as a Judeo-Christian nation.   

Read the Declaration of Independence to see how the founders were guided by God to begin this country. Read the Constitution to see how the founders followed God’s direction given us in the Bible in setting up our government.

If we follow God’s instruction on living this life here, we will have what we need. We will have success.

I realize organizations like Black Lives Matter and Antifa and whatever other labels we have are not for us or for America. If you research their websites, they are Marxist groups and brag about that philosophy. They aren't acting peacefully or productively to improve anything. They are using our young people of all colors to harass, to destruct, to destroy our country. Why?

The children need, first of all, homes with their parents. We are to raise them, teach them, guide them. The children need schools to teach them how to read, write and do math.

They need to know about the factual founding of our country — the men who served and how, the sacrifices that were made and by whom. They need to know the leadership that pastors and churches had in our founding. 

As humans, mistakes were made. Some were recognized and reconstruction began even with our Constitution. However, men and women without the character of God do sin, do dumb things, do evil things.

I believe evil is out and about in our country. Some folk are using race groups to stir that ugly pot. Some are using religion to stir that pot. Some are using politics to stir that pot.  

Bottom line, I believe we all want to live life as we choose as long as it does not infringe upon others. I believe we want to feel safe and secure in our person and property. I believe that we want to work and provide for our families. I believe we want schools and teachers who will teach the facts and love our children. We want success. I believe that we need to worship the one true God, the creator and giver of our live and liberties.  

Let’s study our real, factual history. Let’s learn from our founders. Let’s not repeat the mistakes that they made and let’s repeat and amplify their successes.

Let’s study the Bible and learn how to repair our families, raise our children, and truly live a blessed and successful life here together — all colors. Perhaps this is our valley of decision time! What say you?

Phyllis Vincent, of Frankfort, is former chairperson for the Franklin County Republican Party. She can be reached at

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