Bob Gullette

I'd like to respond to Ed Powe's rather arrogant and condescending column ("Locals have ostrich-ism," June 23) in The State Journal.

By locals he really means white people. And from his remarks he apparently likes to tell them how they should think and feel about Black people, slavery and racism. I, for one, don't need Mr. Powe to tell me how I should think or feel about anything. I find his column quite insulting and offensive to all "locals."

By his own admission, he sees the world as either racist or anti-racist, which, to me, is racist in itself, and wants to convert everyone, white and black, to his particular way of thinking. He seems incapable of just seeing people, regardless of color, as simply human beings, good and bad, products of their upbringing, environment, education and life experiences.

In my opinion he's trapped in a quagmire of the past and wants to pull others in with him. In his commentary he constantly drags up the past (such as lynchings) and preaches "systematic racism" and "white guilt" ("ancestors of white perpetrators of racial injustice have to accept the past," to quote him from one of his earlier newspaper columns) for incidents that happened long ago and for which no one living today is responsible for. (We are not responsible for history!)

By doing this he accomplishes nothing but creating more anger and hatred, hostility and conflict between the races in our small, quiet community, resulting in nothing but increased racial tensions.

From his remarks one gets the impression that he likes hearing about all of the racial protests and civil unrest that's now happening across the country, including all of the anti-police and anti-white news stories that flood the media daily, and would like nothing better than to have a serious racial incident happen here. He even makes a threatening "powder keg" reference to it in his latest column.

Perhaps Mr. Powe should look deep into his own heart and do some serious self-examination. Racism is a two-way street.

Bob Gullette is a Frankfort resident and retired state government employee. He can be emailed at

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