Dear editor,

Recently, I visited the state Capitol. I noticed that there were only men statues of previous governors. What especially caught my attention was that there was not a statue of Gov. Martha L. Collins, our first and only female governor.

Gov. Collins was a turning point in Kentucky’s history and a role model to all women. Col. Harland Sanders, the chicken king, has a statue in our Capitol. Why have we not made one for Gov. Collins?

I am 10 years old and I will start middle school this August. I studied Kentucky government and history in fifth grade. I have learned that women have made many important changes to our state and should be recognized for their achievements. Just like the men have statues, women should have statues as well — not little dolls. 

My point is that women and men should be honored in the same manner. I hope you have a statue made of Gov. Collins. Thank for taking your time reading this and considering making this happen.

Jenna Hefner


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