Dear editor, 

I hate to break it to you all, but the unity that President-elect Joe Biden and even Gov. Andy Beshear has promised isn't going to happen. There's too much bad blood.

The constant condemnation for the last four years is and will continue to be the problem.

As a Biden supporter put it, in order for there to be unity, some will have to give up their beliefs. What beliefs should I be forced to give up? Do I give up my Christian beliefs? Should I no longer be against abortion, support riots for the cause, support someone you won't vote for, or be OK with the defunding of the police?

Should you not be able to contradict what I'm for in the heart of unity? Unity has never been about that. It's a simple act of agreeing to disagree, not to be offended, and not to name call just because someone disagrees with you. 

The beginning stage for unity would be for Biden to support Trump's act of taking the election results to court. What should he or you have to worry about, anyway?

Initially, I didn't support it, but once Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said the election was fair and square, I want it. Schumer said a couple weeks ago that the Republicans would pay for putting Amy Coney Barrett on the Supreme Court. Maybe the election was the payback he was talking about. After all, that's been the agenda for Schumer and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi once Trump won the election. 

The election process this year was shameful. It's a simplified system and their wasn't any reason for the election to be determined by Nov. 4. There's technology to handle an election in an efficient manner. Use it. All the system has to do is count votes. Part of the 2020 election was authentication of signatures to mail-in ballots by computer. I'm sure those that were counting mail-in ballots weren't manuscript identification professionals. 

Unity will never come back to the United States until there's a realization that political correctness has caused an extreme problem.

Jerry B. Blackburn


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