Dear editor,

It troubles me, this trend with the American flag. America, while flawed, is still ours, all of ours.

The flag doesn't just represent what America was and is, but, what it can be, what we want it to be, what it was meant to be; not the property of a particular party or ideology; but of anyone who believes the words in our founding documents.

We have swayed from its mission, but the words are still there, the flag is still there, a symbol; not to drape over centuries of privilege and oppression, and freedom for most, but one to be unfurled and admired as a destination where all humans are celebrated, dignified and valued without silent, implied limits based on creed or color.

I'm taking the flag back today, not to keep, but to share. If you avoid it and become jaded when you see it, and have assumptions about the person wearing it on their hat or shirt, or when they wave it, let's decide we aren't going to let that happen anymore.

Instead of saying America is a certain way, let's say America can be a certain way. If you believe it can be what you want it to be, then all of us have a symbol. So, if you see me in the coming years, decked out in the American flag, know that I'm celebrating what I want America to be, and what I know it can be. Make America great for all!

Bob Dummitt


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