Dear editor,

On June 27, I walked over the Capital Avenue Bridge and went down to the little floating dock at the park just below the State Arsenal Museum. As I sat there, I looked at the private dock/marina across the river at the end of Logan Street.

A guy came out in long jeans, no shirt and a ball cap. Before he got into his pontoon boat with two women, he threw a two-liter plastic bottle (or similar) in the river. Then he boated off in the opposite direction letting the bottle float downstream. It went under the bridge as I crossed over it on my way back home.

Why does a boater, still on the dock (where there is a boat-up snack bar and presumably a garbage can) throw trash in the river? Is the river just the preferred receptacle for trash in the minds of some around here?

The same is true for people on the streets. The amount of litter here is outrageous, and the situation has not improved over the decades. If we can't get people to have a enough respect for their own community and natural resources by putting trash in the trash can, much less recycle it, we have a bigger problem.

I am one of these people who views education as the remedy for everything. Is there some way we can educate children and adults to have enough respect to just put trash in a proper container?

Michael Clark


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