Dear editor,

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought a lot of things to America: Panic, hoarding, shutdowns and blame, to name a few. But it’s the latter that we can see each day when we turn on the news or radio.

There are so much tragedy and loss that people are upset and want someone to be mad at.

Often, it’s the president, their state's governor or a foreign country, to name a few common targets. But for those who lose a loved one to coronavirus, it can be a bit more targeted toward a particular person or entity they feel is responsible. And lately, it’s been nursing homes.

Every day new stories are emerging and making headlines from different nursing homes across the country about a new outbreak. So, are these nursing homes doing something wrong?

Some people think so, but others are coming to their defense.

Staff members are overworked and risking their lives daily in one of the worst environments possible right now. Add to this the general lack of essential supplies like sanitizer masks, and gloves. Nursing homes need to comply with the CDC's recommendations, but it becomes clear that there’s no way to blame health care facilities in certain circumstances where that’s not possible.

They’re doing their best in an unprecedented situation, and the majority consensus agrees. The aftermath of this pandemic will undoubtedly give way to new policies and procedures that all health care facilities can implement moving forward. Only then can we judge if they’re being followed correctly.

Marcel Gemme


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