Dear editor,

Circa 1985 a trip from Hopkinsville to the so called “Golden Triangle” resulted in discovering the beauty of the Capitol Dome’s glow at night. Never having been to Frankfort, my young son and I drove all around exclaiming this place is so special! Approximately a year later I moved to South Frankfort, began working in the Capitol Annex and grew to absolutely adore Kentucky’s capital city.

Today, one can no longer make the graceful drive to admire the Floral Clock, the flower baskets and to top it all off the Governor’s Mansion. Not allowed; we are told for security reasons. A twist, on Dorothy’s words to Toto in the Wizard of Oz — we're not in Kentucky anymore!   

Are we not funding law enforcement well enough? Is Kentucky not getting adequate intelligence assistance from the federal government? What is the problem?

It seems to me that the vast majority of Kentucky residents and visitors are good, decent law-abiding people. Yes, surely there are nefarious ones, but why do the many have to pay the price for the few?  

As one of four children, having attended school and worked in offices, it never sat well when all got punished on account of the intentions or deeds of others — it is simply not fair, not right and not necessary! How will people unable to walk get even a glimpse of the Governor's Mansion?

What needs to be done at the local, state and federal levels to ensure our governor’s safety, without robbing the rest of the joy of seeing the unique and beautiful sights on that lovely loop around the Capitol complex? It is important to get back to Kentucky!

Gene “Tootsie” Coverston


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