Dear editor,


Why do we have schools that do not have protection to prevent intruders? Been in a bank lately or tried to get into Fort Knox? What makes them more special than our children? Would you trade one of your children for anything in any one of them?

Presently school protection construction plans are available that offer bullet proof glass, capture rooms that isolate a shooter from class rooms and will not allow the shooter to leave as the door locks behind them. In addition to the capture room, a protection room or area that would protect a secretary or law enforcement officer who greets the public are available.

Why not take the money that is presently available and that has not been spent to modify every school in America? Is my child or yours not worth it? This is not a gun issue, it is how much do we value our children.

How many banks or federal buildings can you carry a gun into? None that I know of.

What do they have in there that is of greater value than your child? Stop it now! Call your Senator or Congressman.

Larry Austin


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