Dear editor,

There have been 299 gun deaths, 844 gun injuries, five mass shootings, 20 murder/suicides, 77 unintentional shootings and 50 defensive shootings in Kentucky's 6th Congressional District since 2013 (

Each day, the U.S. has about one mass shooting in which four or more people are shot and/or killed by guns. The national cost to treat the victims of gun violence in the U.S. is $170 billion per yr.

Andy Barr’s response: Encourage gun owners to use silencers (HR 95 and HR 367); allow gun owners to carry concealed weapons across state lines (HR 38); funding to “study the problem” of mass violence (HR 1339); make it easier for gun dealers to sell firearms at out-of-state gun shows (HR 6624); and funding to help secure elementary and secondary schools from gun violence (HR 5107 and 4909).

Barr voted against improving background checks (HR 1446, HR 8 and HR 1112), and has failed to support any of the hundreds of legislative efforts to hold gun owners, dealers and manufacturers more accountable.

Absent from Barr’s vocabulary is “responsible” gun ownership. He has not supported limits on semiautomatic weapons or high-capacity magazines, or even demanded guns be safer to prevent accidental shootings.

If you want gun owners and dealers to be accountable and responsible, vote Barr out of office. We need someone who cares about solving our problems, not making them worse.

Peter Wedlund


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