Dear editor,

The decision Monday night to prohibit bicycles in Leslie Morris Park is a shameful example of the Frankfort City Commission's absolute inability to lead in a meaningful fashion.

And to call for an "investigation" into why city officials weren't notified only adds insult to injury. Are they referring to themselves or to city staff? And have they not been apprised of how our city manager form of government works?

The trail planners worked with the city planning office, the city manager's office and the parks and recreation director. How does this constitute lack of communication?

True leaders would have backed the decisions of the city manager and other staff; true leaders would have considered the issue in its entirety and given equal consideration to the values and views of all sides; true leaders would have charted a course forward that protected the fort and provided greater access and recreational opportunity for our residents and visitors.

True leaders they are not.

Donna Hecker


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