Dear editor,

There will be a Black Lives Matter March in downtown Frankfort Saturday at 5 p.m. (meeting at the Old Capitol, walking to the new one). I was asked by someone, “Why are you going to this?” 

I went last summer to the BLM March in Frankfort, and there were many people of all ages and races there. It was a wonderful time of mutual support. My guess is that this year the attendance won’t be as big, although I hope I'm wrong.

I keep reading that the previous waves of support from white people like me have greatly diminished since last summer. Some say these folks have realized that BLM is a Marxist-leaning group. I say, “I cannot disagree with you more on this false claim about Marxist ties, but have a nice day.” Others say that “all lives matter” and/or “blue lives matter.” I say, “Yes, they do. But right now the lives of African Americans should be our focus, because their lives have been disproportionately affected by systemic violence.”

I think it is easy for white folks to step into then out of voiced support for minority communities, because we can. 

African Americans cannot do this. They live with their skin color 24/7/365. They face the possibility of being arrested or worse because of the color of their skin, every single day.

White folks don’t and until we are more consistent and persistent in our support of African Americans, our society will continue to struggle with a sin that white people can always just ignore.

Scott Rollins


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