Dear editor,
In August, Frankfort will have a ceremony and erect a memorial for Mr. John Maxey and Mr. Marshal Boston, who were brutally lynched at “The Singing Bridge.” It was painful to hear Mr. Ed Powe say ("Lynchings on the Singing Bridge to be remembered at August ceremony," Friday, June 7) that his community calls it “The Swinging Bridge,” yet hopeful that he not only communicates this but asks for conversation between blacks and whites.
Acknowledgment is a first step to healing. No one can change the past — no one, not even the Divine. It is done; acceptance of this fact is critical. Our history should not be erased, ignored or discounted, as it is important to who we are today - which, to our credit, is greatly improved. 
Yes, let there be commemorations, remembrances, clarifications, additions added when and where needed so that light can shine on the entire truth (good and bad).
Those of us here today are not responsible for the atrocious acts of some of our ancestors. We can,  however, join in the commemoration and conversation Mr. Powe is calling for as well as do what Mr. Bob Gullette suggested in his first guest column ("Move race relations forward," Tuesday, June 11): “…move forward with constructive conversation and positive actions and make the tense racial situation … better, treating each other as fellow human beings … traveling the same road together, helping one another as best we can … .” 
The very honest and sweet June 27th column by Ms. Vanessa Wilkerson ("By chance, writer discovers biases, stereotypes in herself"), telling of her experience at a wedding in Eastern Kentucky, shows us all that it is possible to move past our biases and stereotypes.
May the significant although poignant commemoration to acknowledge and remember what happened to at our bridge help all of us in Frankfort move forward with the openness and grace exhibited by Ms. Wilkerson. Let’s treat each other with kindness and respect, so that we do overcome. 
Gene Coverston

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