Dear editor,

Typically, progress can be measured by improvement over time. An article from The State Journal in 2012 talked about how Bellepoint was the forgotten land. The article stated how Bellepoint was “thought of as a location for votes and political yard signs but will be forgotten the day after the election.”

The last time government thought about improving Bellepoint was when they received the federal grant to handle their sewage issues. I wonder when the last mention of Bellepoint was discussed by our city officials while actively in office. Since 2012, has Bellepoint been better, worse or the same?

I’d categorize Holmes Street as one of those areas politicians pander to, but don’t actively work to improve while in office. Some may say that I’m not being fair since an 88-page master plan was developed in 2007. The goal was to use almost $800K to revitalize Holmes Street. Ask yourself, since 2007, has Holmes Street been better, worse or the same?

The last time Holmes Street improvement was addressed officially was with former City Manager Cindy Steinhauser. Maybe the dream of revitalizing Holmes Street left when she did.

I wonder why it is that people who live in these neighborhoods continue to vote for people who seem to only care about two neighborhoods in South Frankfort and downtown instead of all of Frankfort.

Remind these politicians that there are more than just a few neighborhoods in Frankfort when it’s time to cast your ballots. How does your neighborhood look these days?

Delvin Azofeifa


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