Dear editor,

Reentry after vaccination has been rough. I'm no longer capable of silently suffering those who think the world owes them something at other peoples' expense.

Recently, while ordering breakfast, I got caught in an escalating fight between an anti-masker and masker. No one intervened.

Reflexively, before thinking about guns, my teacher persona kicked in. I said: "Stop it. Stop it right now. You, sir, are breaking the law. It's posted on the door: 'No shoes, No shirt, No mask, No service.' You need to mask up or leave."

The anti-masker started, "I have a right ... blah, blah." I interrupted, "Sir, don't start with your 'mask rights' or I will be forced to talk about laws which make women's salaries half of men's for the same job, a minimum wage below poverty level or voter suppression."

The anti-masker left yelling, "COVID is fake." At which point a man said, "Try telling that to my wife who died from it."

We can now safely take off our masks, but that won't end the weaponization of selfishness and entitlement in order to control the wealth of this country at working families' expense.

Margaret Groves


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