Dear editor,

How dangerous are cellphones? My wife could have been killed the other day.

While driving, she had stopped on one of our state highways with her left turn signal on waiting for the oncoming traffic to clear before crossing the road. Racing up behind her at approximately 60 mph was a woman in her SUV. Never looking up or braking, she rear-ended my wife’s car.

Both automobiles were totaled. Luckily, my wife and the woman who senselessly crashed into her are alive — although my wife has quite a bit of pain from the trauma of the force of impact, which broke her seat and threw her backward.

Less than a year ago, my good neighbor and friend was meaninglessly rear-ended — less than a quarter-mile from my wife’s senseless accident.

A few months ago another friend’s son was stopped at a red light. Another driver mindlessly rear-ended him at a very dangerous high speed — putting his 6-year-old little boy who was in the back seat in the hospital. The little boy is learning to walk again.

That’s just not right. No child should go through that.

These stories about senseless rear-end collisions caused by cellphones are endless. One of our local police officers told me that Kentucky’s cellphone laws are weak. He claimed that there has to be a search warrant in an injury “accident" to see if the one who caused the wreck was texting.

When was the last time you saw or heard of someone ticketed by the police for texting? When was the last time you heard of or saw a wreck likely caused by cellphone usage?

We know the answer to that.

Georgia passed a law and is enforcing it — that’s its illegal to hold your phone while driving. Drivers can no longer have phones “touching any part of their body” (Hands Free Georgia Law HB673). Maybe it’s time we use the good judgment of our southern neighbors and change our cellphone law to something that has “teeth."

Let’s take a positive step forward in saving our loved ones — friends, neighbors and family. Talk to our legislators and let’s make this world a better place. 

Richard Jones


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