Dear editor,

I LOVE the Frankfort Christmas Parade! We have not missed any of them over the course of the years. The first one that I ever went to was in 1964 when I was a junior at Owen County High School. Our church has had numerous floats and entries for several years in the past.

I must say, though, I see a downward trend in the lack of public participation and I think it is largely because they decided to bypass the very center of town, including West Main Street. Why does the parade not come downtown anymore? There is more parking, more excitement, more decorations than standing on the Capital Avenue Bridge.  

I remember when it was crowded. Food was being served outdoors. Grills were set up. Stores were open. Vendors sold balloons and favors. The judges’ booth was right in the middle of town. Bands actually performed there. It was so festive! St. Clair Mall looked beautiful and was at its peak. Now, we stand on the Capital Avenue Bridge.

Would the committee consider “fixing” the reasons that this had to change?  Was it parking? I think not. Retailers? Probably not.

Crowd control? I doubt it.

Please, please consider a “redo” of the Christmas Parade route this year.

Margo Karsner


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