Dear editor,

I know Anna Marie Pavlik because my husband planted trees with her at Reforest Frankfort and because she has shopped with us at the farmers' market for years. Our family knows Rich Rosen too because he attends plays (including the Shakespeare camp kids' play), gives away flowers and contributes generously to Frankfort Independent Schools. Both Anna Marie and Rich are gracious and interesting people who serve their community.

We must acknowledge that for a year the city and county failed to match Rich's pledge to the Franklin County Humane Society. His pledge required their matching funds. They neglected to uphold the agreement, so he sensibly withdrew his pledge. Please direct your energy about this matter to our elected officials, not the citizen who tried to galvanize local government to act.

Also, let's recognize that the city commission has sorely mistreated Anna Marie. When, as Frankfort Plant Board chair, she questioned the KyMEA energy contract, the commission under Robert Roach spent $30,000 in taxpayer money to investigate her. The investigation found that she did nothing wrong. The commission has never apologized either to Anna Marie or to the taxpayers. In addition, the KyMEA contract has proven to be deeply flawed, costing us millions. Anna Marie had good reason to question it. 

Shouldn't Rich hold local officials accountable instead of rewarding them for inaction, incivility and mismanagement?

Frankfort, we can do better. Let's mind our manners, do our homework and demand good local governance.

Trina Peiffer


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