Dear editor,

I have now read both Paula Moore’s ("Community, Humane Society must commit to new shelter," Thursday, July 18) and and Gae Broadwater’s ("City, county have opportunity to be animal welfare leaders," Thursday, July 25) guest columns published in recent editions of The State Journal. 

My take from all of this is the bottom line: Franklin County and Frankfort City government should step up to the plate and provide the funds to get the animal shelter in a safe space to continue its operation of providing for the abandoned or mistreated animals that come to the shelter on an annual basis. From what I understand, the Franklin County Humane Society has provided this service to the governments and the people of the county for years with only limited funding from either governmental body.

As always the outlay of government funds comes with stipulations and oversight and I’m sure the FCHS will be more than willing to comply with this request. Furthermore, I believe the the shelter is already giving us more bang for the buck than we ever expect in the countless hours many animal lovers in this community have provided over the years. I have personal knowledge of many people who have taken animals to their home when the shelter was under threat of being flooded. 

It is now time for the people of this community to expect and demand a safe and secure place for our sheltered animal population.

Tom Murphy


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