Dear editor,

For any open-minded, intelligent person the guest column “Challenging Trump’s record on race, Aug. 23” obviously falls short of proving racism on the part of the president.

No person can know the thoughts of another. The author seems to see racism everywhere. I believe that Barack Obama was one of the worst presidents of my lifetime but not due to his being black but because he was extremely unqualified and inept.

There is no evidence that President Donald Trump personally set the rental policies at his father’s properties. Besides this, what a person does in his 20s has nothing to do with who he is in his 70s. I did a lot of wrong things as a young man that I wouldn’t do today.

Renting to welfare recipients, both black and white, has always been risky business. My son had Section 8 rentals but finally quit because the occupants frequently trashed the property. I have also seen this happen to the Section 8 property across the street from me. This in no way means that all poor people are property destroyers, but the practice is not uncommon.

President Trump’s calling out of the four congresswomen was a criticism of their policies and not their race. Their political beliefs belong in countries ruled by socialists and dictators. When he accuses politicians like Maxine Waters of being stupid, it is because her policy views are often dumb and has nothing to do with her being black.

It appears that the author of this column believes that being stupid automatically applies to people of color. That would be racist.

Matt Shuy


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