Dear editor,

Girls gone wild? No, Dems gone wild! I was a Democrat most of my life until they went wild. Dems appear to have serious new policy changes such as: 

• Destroy President Donald Trump’s great economy, a must to beat him in 2020.

• Even old-time Democrats cannot understand the new Dems’ policies.

• Mandatory laws to take away guns. The Constitution states guns are to protect against a tyrannical government and gives a right to bear arms. New Dems now want to take away most guns.

• Support for abortion on demand. The Constitution states life and liberty for all. A baby born after a bad abortion has no rights. 

• Gone are old common-sense values, now political correctness tells you what to think and do. 

• Only Republicans are required to uphold the Constitution.

• Now Dems only abide by laws they like — sanctuary cities, etc. 

• Enforcement agents are sworn to uphold our laws, but some refuse to do so and building a wall to prevent illegal entry of people, drugs and disease. Never! 

Wild is to give benefits to people illegally in our country and then expect citizens of this country to support, educate and pay for them being here. It appears they desire a socialist government that will certainly remove many freedoms and rights now given by the Constitution. Just my views and opinions.

Larry Austin


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