Dear editor,

Will Democrats elect President Donald Trump again? The first election of Trump was driven by the Democrats' desire to elect the mostly unpopular Hillary Clinton. The Democrats may have wanted her, but the rest of the nation did not. If the Democrats would have nominated a more mainstream, likable candidate, it’s unlikely we would have had a President Trump.

Now, it seems the Democrats are about to elect Trump again. The polls are indicating more and more that the Democrats may nominate the far-left Bernie Sanders as their candidate to oppose Trump.

Ads will begin to appear from Republicans making Americans aware that Sanders will take away your private insurance and replace it with a universal government health care system.

Sanders also promises free college and he’s going to pay off everyone’s student loans. How do you suppose he would do that? Massive tax increases on the middle class is the only way it’s possible. Who’s going to vote for this?

Trump wins in 2020. My elitist, pie-in-the-sky, well-meaning Democrat friends may believe that the world should be as they see it, however, the rest of America knows better. Unbelievable! A word to the wise — moderate. Moderate is a good word, not bad.

Phil Greer


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