Dear editor,

Well, now that a Frankfort City Commission majority has shown those Fort Hill-trespassing, mountain biker vandals and their supporters who's who and what's what in Frankfort, a question arises: Did Frankfort just ban all bikes in the entirety of Fort Hill, including the existing paved trails?

I ask because the last time I was up there I came upon a young couple and their two kids enjoying a beautiful day riding bikes on those trails. Maybe I encountered something that has never occurred before or since, but I kind of doubt it. Thus the question.

Can some local historians back up just a bit on equating a skirmish, where no one died, with Civil War battles where thousands upon thousands did die? One such site is Petersburg, Virginia, a place Civil War history buff and Commissioner Scott Tippett said he has visited more than once. Too bad he missed the 13 miles of bike trails.

Steve Newberry


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