Dear editor,

If you call yourself a conservative Republican, what does that mean exactly? Does it mean that you support President Donald Trump and all that he stands for? Is Trump a conservative Republican?

I always believed that the differences between Republicans and Democrats, on the simplest terms, could be stated as this: Republicans believe in less government and Democrats believe in more government.

As an example, Republicans believe that government gets in the way of business with things like environmental regulations, minimum wage requirements and health and safety protections for employees. Republicans believe that business and American citizens have the greatest opportunity for success when government stays out of the way.

Democrats believe that government should be there to help Americans succeed in life. Using business as the example again, Democrats believe in environmental protection regulations for the protection of our planet and all life that resides upon it. Democrats believe in a minimum wage that provides Americans with a decent standard of life. Democrats believe in government regulations for the protection of the health and safety of the workers that business employs.

So what does all of this have to do with Trump? Speaking to Republicans, I’m quite sure that there is one of you that can represent your conservative beliefs that isn’t Trump. Trump is a person of very low morals and character who is a disgrace to your party and America.

Do America a favor and help impeach him. Find someone else.

Phil Greer


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