Dear editor,

After reading the recent guest column (“Society ‘numb’ to outrage,” July 24), I am now outraged by “do-gooders” who scream and holler about problems but offer no concrete solutions.

It is time they do something other than screaming, writing tirades and holding protests. I suggest they become “good-doers” and send $5,000 apiece to the Border Patrol for better immigrant housing and take at least three or four of the children into their own homes.

The author of the "numb" column says we are the richest country in the world, even though we are $22 trillion in debt. It would seem that he’d like to send planes to poverty-stricken countries around the world and bring all the poor children to the United States. I care deeply about the children in the world, but I realize we can't help them all.

Having spent 32 years as a mental health professional helping addicts to recover and veterans to cope with post-traumatic stress disorder, I don't need some pompous, holier-than-thou, bleeding-heart liberal lecturing me on empathy.

The solution is for Democrats to pass bipartisan immigration reform that includes a wall to reduce the overflow of illegal aliens. Perhaps the immigrants could benefit from staying home and fighting to improve conditions in their own countries.

Matt Shuy


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