Dear editor,

Kentucky is the great Bluegrass State. There are many great things in Kentucky, but I'm going to on these three negatives — drug abuse, stereotypes and the bourbon industry — because I want you to consider changing Kentucky. 

Drug abuse happens to be one of the worst problems due to the accessibility. There are many people who become addicted to some sort of substance. It becomes a problem when it affects youth, and currently in my school, drugs are a major problem. Kentucky needs to face this problem head on and find a solution. 

As Kentuckians, there are many stereotypes about us and they seem to harm us even though they aren't necessarily true. We've been called things like inbreds, alcoholics and rednecks, and now we are a "druggie" state. 

The bourbon industry in Kentucky is currently booming and brings in tons of income all around the state. It also happens to supply many jobs — around 20,000. However, the bourbon industry also makes us appear to be alcoholics and big drinkers. I just think we should stop putting bourbon in gift shops and Kentucky stores because it can drive others who don't drink away from visiting us.

Kentucky is a beautiful state and we need to start treating it that way. There truly are many problems that could be fixed quite easily and some that will take time. However, if we treat Kentucky the way it should be treated, we could bring in more tourism and immigration to support our economic base that is better for everyone!

Jarrett Matthew Everrett Paul Stephens


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