Dear editor,

State Journal, I couldn’t agree with you more: The conversion of East Main Street was the right call for many reasons ("Editorial: Three-lane East Main was the right call," Dec. 3). It makes for more orderly traffic flow, gets cars away from the utility poles and pedestrians and makes a space for bicyclists to ride outside of the traffic lanes. All of this is good for the safety of travelers.

WalkBike Frankfort developed the first walking and biking master plan for Frankfort in 2007. In the plan, we identified the conversion of Main Street to include a center turning lane and bicycle lanes as an important project. Unfortunately, our timing was a little bit late; about the same time we finished the plan, the roadway got resurfaced before we even knew about the project.

We then had to wait until 2019. Thankfully, the Transportation Cabinet took a lead role to develop the detailed plans. I know that not everyone will be overjoyed with this change, but providing a space on our roads for all users is important for the citizens of Frankfort.

This project is one more step toward providing an interconnected, accessible network for bicyclists and pedestrians. It’s an important step toward building a better, more livable city.

Brent A. Sweger


WalkBike Frankfort


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