Dear editor,

I am a sinner. I do things wrong like we all do, but I don’t do things completely wrong.

What does that mean? It means that rarely do any of us do things completely right, if we ever do, but we all have the option of doing things completely wrong.

There is a rarity of doing anything completely right, if there is even an ability to. Everything costs something. How much does it cost? What do you lose in the process? Initially it doesn’t matter, but in the long run, it could mean losing everything.

I am an evangelic conservative. Which do you want to criticize me on? I used criticized, not judged. Will get back to that later. Commenting on multiple newsfeeds, I am allowed to see who and what folks are criticized on.

Which am I criticized most on — being evangelic, conservative or both? Believe it or not, it’s evangelical. Being evangelic is like being a person who has HIV, leprosy, etc. It’s the worst criticism once it becomes knowledge.

Why use criticizing and not judging? Judging comes with a punishment, doesn’t it? Criticizing is just indicating a fault of something or someone in a disapproving way. Judgment of the prostitute wasn’t the words spoken but the actions of the rocks getting thrown at her before Jesus stepped in. Jesus even spoke of wrongdoing.

Abortion isn’t just wrong. It’s completely wrong. Complain about government officials. Just imagine who could have been, had a baby not been killed. Being around folks in questionable lifestyles biblically and not reaching out to them but just accepting is completely wrong.

They can live like they want and you can’t force them to do different, but that doesn’t mean you don’t say anything to them. We’re supposed to reach out. Only Jesus can save, but someone probably needs to bring them to the table so they can be saved. Didn’t someone do that for you? What’s wrong with you doing it for them? 

Politically, I criticize all who are liberals. Doesn’t mean we’re not friends and sure doesn’t mean you can’t criticize me or we can’t be friends. We were friends before we knew political views and will continue to be if you let us.

Jerry B. Blackburn


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