Dear editor,

In regards to Lisa Munniksma’s column (“Lisa Munniksma: Farmers Market reflects on 2019 growth,” Jan. 2), I’d like to elaborate on what’s most important about the agriculture aspect of the Franklin County Farmers Market.

The fact is that the farmers and producers, due to their hard work, are able to grow lots of quality, edible products — food to sustain us in life.

Without the farmers’ ability to grow the quality and quantity of product, Munniksma would not have been employed at the Farmers Market.

All of the extracurricular marketing mentioned in her article would not have taken place if not for the weight of the hard labor that these farmers bore, to get these crops planted, nurtured, harvested and ultimately sold to be consumed by the good people in our community.

To put it simply, most everything we eat and our existence depends on 6 inches of top soil — and the fact that it rains.

Richard Jones


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