Dear editor,

I have to address the story about the public defenders calling out the sheriff's deputy for attending Trump rally ("Public defenders call out sheriff's deputy for attending Trump rally," Jan. 12)

Will someone please tell me what happened to our free country? This deputy sheriff had every right as a United States citizen to attend the rally. The rally was not set up to be a violent protest. Just because a group of idiots stormed the Capitol doesn't mean that every one of those thousands of people who attended that rally was a bad person.

What is our country coming to? The storming of the Capitol wasn't right and we all, as true Americans, know that. However, as true Americans, we should have the right to attend a rally without criticism.

In the first days of 2021, it already appears that our country is going to be more divided than united. Americans better wake up. I'm a Democrat, by the way.

Dorothy Crocker


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