Dear editor,

We are told we are "family" and Uncle Mitch McConnell and Uncle Rand Paul love us. McConnell and Paul are Kentuckians primary caregivers.

Our uncles have their own "Payroll Protection Plan": fat paychecks, platinum health care, forever pensions, 24-hour security guards, limo service and swimming in the Senate pool.

The pandemic is merely shifting political beliefs. 

 Our fiscally conservative uncles helped burn through $2.2 trillion dollars in less than three weeks with Uncle Mitch securing legislative loopholes for needy banks, airlines and Wall Street.

Republicans “Free Market” ideology went into death spiral and was saved AGAIN by using taxpayers money. Uncle Mitch offered bankruptcy to the family because his boss, Donald Trump, did it six times to “suckers” in the East.

Democrats tell us, “We are all in this together.” Republicans say nothing. Trump likes to do all the talking. Fiascos are Trump specialties.

Judy Rembacki


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