Dear editor,

There is so much to think and worry about happening in our world right now. One horrible situation is the wildfires in Australia and the devastation to the country's environment and wildlife.

The wildfires in Australia are taking a human toll, but additionally the destruction to wildlife is estimated to be approximately a half billion dead thus far. Large swaths of habitat have been destroyed, so it will be a long time before there can be recovery for remaining fauna and flora.

Please consider donating any amount to these nonprofit organizations — and note, with the conversion rates on money, to donate $100 Australian, it only costs us about $76 USD:

Salvation Army Australia —

St. Vincent dePaul Society —

Australian Wildlife Rescue org —

World Wildlife Fund —

As a U.S. Democrat who cares about our world, I urge us all to pull together to help our neighbors “down under.” 

Ceci Mitchell


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