Dear editor,

Thanks for the article by Jordan Hensley about the church service at the Faith Victory Church World Distribution Center in Frankfort (“Back in the pews: After court rulings, Frankfort congregation reconvenes, but reporter wasn't welcome," May 12).

I'm disappointed to see that, as we gradually open opportunities for group worship, as well as business and government, there is such a congregation that is not taking simple and practical steps for social distancing. The threat of virus spread is still with us and we can apply commonsense practices to limit disease transmission. God gave us brains to make sound decisions to protect ourselves and those around us.

As a student of history, I need to comment about the report of Pastor Dr. Derber's sermon on the U.S. Constitution with many quotes from several of our founders — Thomas Paine, Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin. He may not understand that each of these men, as well as other founders, including George Washington, James Madison and James Monroe, are characterized as Deists.

Their religious views, in today's jargon, would be called extremely liberal — probably very far from Dr. Derber's narrow and limited perspective on Christianity. I believe these men and members of the Constitutional Convention would definitely NOT equate the Constitution with the Bible.

Peter Croswell


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