Dear editor,

It’s way too late now, but if ever there was a group of Americans who could have justifiably posited the “Great Replacement Theory” as it pertains to their race it is the American Indian. At one time, Indians were the sole humans occupying America; now they represent just 1.1% of the population. Not only did they lose their lives, they lost their land and their culture and became second class citizens in the land they had lived in for centuries. 

There are many whites who subscribe to the Replacement Theory and fear they are in danger of being replaced as a majority by minorities. That theory is promulgated on Fox News, which is owned by Rupert Murdoch, an Australian immigrant. Murdoch became a naturalized American citizen in 1985, a requirement to own a TV network.  

The country of Murdoch’s birth has also been cruel to its own indigenous people, the Aborigines, once the only humans in Australia. They were often ruthlessly hunted down, and have always been subordinated to the whites who have taken over their land. The Aboriginal population in Australia is 3.3%. 

So, it’s a bit rich and ironic that Murdoch’s cable station wants to take up the rhetorical sword for American whites who fear they may be overtaken in numbers by other races. Although promoting this theory is highly remunerative for Murdoch and his kin, unfortunately, this also stokes resentment and roils divisions in his adopted land. This can lead to violence; dangerous to do in a country where there are more guns than people, some of which are weapons of war that the owners, in their weakness, are willing to use to slaughter innocents.  

Andrea Veach


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