Dear editor,

The community is, once again, up in arms about issues that are perceived as black or white, one way or another.

In the midst of this, city and county staff, board members and informed citizens who care about their community and are willing to speak up are being pummeled verbally and by written word. We are better than that, Frankfort.

We can and should be able to work together to find solutions that will benefit our city. No one will win if the conversation remains divisive.

Please remember that our greatest asset is our people. We all have at least one thing in common: We care about our community and want what’s best for it. I respect that and I respect you. Let’s keep the conversations going. Progress is and will continue to be made. I have every confidence.

If you serve on any city or county board, paid or volunteer, appointed or elected, thank you. If you work diligently as city or county staff on a daily basis, thank you. Even — no, especially — if yours is not the most popular of opinions and you continue to research and speak your mind and your conscience, thank you. If you are an engaged citizen of the City of Frankfort or Franklin County and you speak on matters of importance to you and our community, thank you.

Nicole Konkol


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