Dear editor,

I am responding to guest columns by Gae Broadwater ("Be animal welfare leaders," July 26) and especially Sam Marcus ("Idea of mismanagement at animal shelter baseless," Aug. 3-4). Both, sadly, responded exactly as I expected to my column regarding the Humane Society's operations, which is to say defensive.

If Marcus really cared about why I stated what I did, he would have contacted me privately to allow me to tell him of the issues rather than simply pretend that nothing is wrong. One can only see what one wants to see in many instances.

I know from experience that serving on a board, especially as its chair, is tremendously hard work, and I do not mean to denigrate that. But to be oblivious to problems that others see is also counterproductive.

I would have thought that reaching out to see why I had made the statements that I did and objectively investigated them would have been more productive. I am sorry that this is what we are up against when the need for a new shelter is so overwhelming.

Paula Moore


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