Dear editor,

What? Striking teachers were restricted from entering the Capitol, but gun advocates with assault weapons, wearing camo and ski masks, are waved through without ID checks! Really!

Anyway, here are the Virginia gun control bills the Kentucky gun advocates were protesting.

• Require background checks on all firearm transactions.

• Reinstate the law — repealed in 2012 — allowing no more than one handgun purchase a month.

• Allow municipalities to enact “ordinances that are stricter than state law.” Among the examples they cite are rules banning guns in libraries or municipal buildings.

• Require lost or stolen guns to be reported to authorities within one day.

• Allow law enforcement to “temporarily separate a person from firearms if the person exhibits dangerous behavior that presents an immediate threat to self or others.”

• Prohibit the subjects of protective orders from possessing guns.

• Toughen punishment for allowing access of a loaded, “unsecured” firearm to someone 18 or younger.

• Ban silencers and high-capacity ammo-magazines.

None of these common sense gun control measures will deprive gun control protesters from owning guns. However, these restrictions could save lives of first responders, schoolchildren and Walmart shoppers.

Margaret Groves


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