Dear editor,

After reading the letter to the editor (“Letter: Writer would rather hang out with Kentucky Fried Sisters,” Oct. 29) from Chuck Queen, I would like to address this letter to everyone in favor of the LGBTQ and/or Capital Pride event. Phyllis Sower was correct ("Guest columnist: Not proud of Capital Pride Kentucky," Oct. 23).

Queen stated, "It's ‘Christians’ like her who turn so many decent people away from church." Why would decent people attend something like the Capital Pride anyway? If they are any kind of a decent person, and have such Godly beliefs, why would they feel the need to attend an event such as this?

Christians have no desire to go to these events because they know it's a sin. Not taking anything out of context, but in so many words, the Bible states that God hates sin, but loves the person(s).

I don't care how much some people like events like this; I, too, am against this type of "entertainment" and it's not good for the soul. I would feel very uncomfortable attending this event.

I believe that the people participating in such events (as being gay) will eventually pay for what they are doing. The Bible says so and that's all I need to know. Anyone who approves these activities to be conducted will also be responsible for their actions and shows they are involved also.

I will just put it plainly. Being gay is a sin. They were not born this way, but it was a choice they made.

God bless America.

Dave Pike


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