Dear editor,

Most of the problems we are facing today, including the horrible length and breadth of the pandemic in our country and the continued inaction regarding Black Lives Matter, can be laid at the feet of our government representatives. While many of them are well meaning, too few know anything at all about what life is like for the common woman and man.

That is why I am supporting Josh Hicks for Congress. Hicks knows something about the real world. His experiences reflect real life. He is a working farmer. He has served in the Marine Corps. He is a former police officer, a former trial lawyer, a former construction worker.

His life experiences reflect middle America, not corporate, monied, silver spoon America. He's especially needed now and we are lucky that he is available. With our vote he can replace the current office holder and give us a representative we can be proud of, one who will know our people, respect us, support and protect us.

His opponent, the incumbent, Garland Hale Barr IV (“Andy”), is, according to Wikipedia, “attorney and politician ... . Prior to being elected, he served in the Ernie Fletcher administration." This appears to be the sum total of his accomplishments and experiences.

I want a representative in the Congress of our country who represents me, not one who represents only a political party, political figures and their corporate handlers. I want a representative of the people.

Richard Franklin


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