Dear editor,

I read your tirade concerning individuals who choose not to wear mask (“Chanda Veno: In age of COVID-19, practice safe masking,” June 19-21). The scathing message you sent out was sent to me by a friend.

First, your hate-filled mask message is something the left of right would accuse Republicans of hurling in the directions of liberals and Democrats at large. Thanks for clearing that up. You seem capable of being the poster child of the Democratic Party as COVID queen.

Undoubtedly, it is OK for eye rolls and daggers and encouraging our children to help spread your narrative of hatred.

Second, it is my choice to not wear a mask and it is my choice to maintain a level of distance from anyone I choose. I am not glued to the narrative our governor spews nightly. I am an educated, white, Christian Republican conservative and as long as I feel healthy and exhibit no signs of the virus, I am OK with venturing out as a man, not a member of the sheep family.

Lastly, COVID-19 is far less serious than the Spanish flu, the Hong Kong flu and swine flu.

I admit, some people die when they get sick, but most deaths are from nursing home-age people who have underlying medical conditions that make them more susceptible to succumbing to the clutches of the virus that originated in a wet market in China.

Don’t fret, be safe and please don’t hate because others and me do not work into your narrative.

Charles Kincaid


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