Dear editor,

President Joe Biden has been quick to throw the Afghan military under the bus. He said he wasn’t willing to have the U.S. render further assistance to Afghans who won’t fight for their own country. By that he means the American supported notoriously corrupt centralized western style Afghan government which is completely at odds with the local tribal system and which hadn’t bothered to pay their soldiers for months or even feed them.  

The Afghan president preferred to abandon his country and his people, taking with him $169 million to live comfortably in the United Arab Emirates. In addition, the agreement for cessation of the war at Doha was between the Taliban and the United States; it did not include the Afghan government, the government for whom these men were fighting.

The corrupt centralized government backed by the foreigners-who-should-have-stayed-home was a foil for the Taliban who negotiated with local tribal leaders and flipped them, so support on the government side dissolved.   

As a nation we grieve for and honor the 2,465 American soldiers killed in action. Let us also remember and honor the sacrifices of the Afghan military and policemen who fought and lost about 70,000 men. Biden, can you muster some sympathy and empathy for them and their families too? 

Andrea Veach


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