Dear editor,

He faced two doors, one labeled “heaven” the other “hell.” When he opened the door to “hell” he saw a long table filled with every kind of food imaginable. The people sitting around table were tied to their chairs with one hand tied behind them. Their other hand was tied to a spoon with a handle so long it was impossible to put food in their own mouth. Everyone was starving. People were using their spoons to beat others away from the food. Misery was everywhere.

He turned to the door marked “heaven.” He saw the same table overflowing with food. Like “hell” each person was tied to their chair with their hand tied behind their back, the other hand tied to a long-handled spoon. But at this table people were laughing and healthy. Instead of using their spoon to beat others away, people used their spoon to feed the person next to them.

Kentuckians can either pass legislation that benefits Kentucky as a whole or live with neighbors dying from opioid addiction, starvation, gun violence, unaffordable medication and health care, low wages, pollution, high taxes on the poor; low taxes on rich. Is Kentucky still a COMMONwealth? 

Margaret Groves


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