Dear editor,

All President Trump had to do to handle the COVID-19 pandemic was step aside, defer to the medical experts, support their recommendations and encourage everyone to do the same. He didn’t do it; and he’s still not doing it.

Meanwhile, Trump and those around him are tested daily. No worries there. Well, I guess there are worries for the millions who struggle in long lines for a test, if indeed they are able to be tested at all.

Some politicians followed Trump’s lead. The result: increased infections. Other governors and mayors were forced to issue a patchwork of their own proclamations and entreaties to their citizens, all while the president held rallies and bragged about the success of the U.S.’ COVID-19 response.

Gov. Andy Beshear has heroically dealt with the pandemic while sandwiched between several states with exploding cases. We who are not hospital and medical workers don’t know the half of what these people face on a daily basis; nor do we really know the terror of gasping for air, as a result of being disabled by the virus.

Please support Beshear, as he works to navigate the push/pull of both saving our health and economy. It can’t be business as usual as long as the pandemic rips through the state, leaving sickness and death in its wake. Have as much compassion for Beshear as he has for us.

Andrea Veach


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