Dear editor,

U.S. Sen. Rand Paul claims Gov. Andy Beshear is an authoritarian "drunk on power." These are divisive, inflammatory and irresponsible accusations meant to undermine Beshear.

Asking people to follow scientifically based guidelines like wearing face masks or working with the chamber of commerce, county officials, health care providers and faith leaders to plan the reopening of Kentucky businesses are not authoritarian behaviors or signs of being drunk with power.

Paul recklessly exposed the Senate to COVID-19. Now he wants to expose more Kentuckians to the virus by pushing to open businesses before Kentucky has sufficient testing supplies and meets CDC guidelines for doing so safely.

Paul maintains more Kentuckians die from other diseases than COVID-19 so Beshear shouldn't close Kentucky to save "just" 300 lives. First, COVID-19 poses a greater threat because it is more contagious. Secondly, how many more people would have died if Beshear hadn't acted, especially when Kentucky has extremely high incidence of diabetes, cancer and respiratory diseases which increase the risk of dying from the virus?

We'll get through this. We'll get through this together, in spite of Paul, who incidentally voted against the CARES relief bill and Obamacare while voting to cut $1 billion from CDC's 2017 Prevention and Public Health budget.

Margaret Groves


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