Dear editor,

I am speaking as a foster parent of kittens for the Franklin County Humane Society.

About two months ago we received a mother cat with six newborns whose eyes were not even open. They were all very healthy. We took them home in the carrier they arrived in, so they never entered the cat/kitten rooms.

After two months at our house we returned them to be fixed — the happiest, healthiest kittens you could ever want. 

Imagine how I felt when, one week later, I saw them at the facility and they were all sneezing and sick. This is because in the overcrowded conditions of the current facilities there is no way to isolate the healthy from the sick. I was heartbroken.

It also breaks my heart every time I see the conditions that the volunteers and employees work in. Most people wouldn’t work for pay under those conditions. 

I ask that every person who will be voting on the new Humane Society building volunteer at the shelter for at least one day to experience it before you make your decision. 

The kittens and mama are all back with us. We will give them medicine for 10 days. What a waste of time, energy and money. And what about when they are healthy again? What should we do? Return them so they can get sick again?

Any ideas?

Betty Cole


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