Dear editor,

As you know, there are bills in both the Senate and the House that address the concept of “surprise billing." It’s an issue that begs for a solution, and, obviously, Congress is making an effort to provide one.

However, if the legislation provides for government price controls, it could be devastating for some providers, especially rural hospitals and rural health clinics. If this isn’t handled properly, it could spell the death knell for hospitals and clinics in rural parts of the state, effectively cutting off access to needed health care for 40% of rural Kentuckians.

So many of our hospitals and clinics are already operating in the red that these “one size fits all” government price controls will surely shut them down.

I’ve seen how people’s lives are affected when they have inadequate access to health care. And rural Kentuckians have a hard enough time getting to a doctor in an emergency or even getting in to seeing a specialist.

I appreciate all that our elected officials do, and I know they’ll keep their finger on this to make sure that whatever legislation finally emerges, it will protect the health care delivery system in rural Kentucky.

Chuck Fischesser


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